Policeman surprises 7-year-old boy selling lemonade by giving him new shoes for school

A little boy named Landen set up a lemonade stand to sell lemonade and cookies close to his house. On a bright sunny day, a police officer named J. Perez from the Ansonia Police Department came to the stand. Landen’s grandma saw this and took a video of them talking and later posted it on Facebook.

In the Facebook post, Landen’s grandma praised Officer Perez. She said that people often talk about the bad experiences they have, but she felt happy and blessed by the officer’s kind behavior towards her grandson. Through her message, she wanted to share the positive interaction between Landen and Officer Perez.

During their conversation, Officer Perez inquired about Landen’s plans for the money he was raising from his lemonade stand. Landen, with his innocent charm, said he intended to buy a pair of blue sneakers for school. After their pleasant interaction, Officer Perez continued on his duty.

Surprisingly, Officer Perez returned to Landen’s lemonade stand after a short while. This time, he wasn’t there to buy more lemonade or cookies; instead, he had a special surprise for the seven-year-old boy. To Landen’s delight, Officer Perez gifted him the blue sneakers he was saving up for, creating a heartwarming moment that surely made the young boy’s day.

Landen was overjoyed by the unexpected gift. Wendelyn Narvaez expressed her gratitude towards Officer Perez. She mentioned, “He made my baby’s day yesterday and not only that, he made him feel like a king.”

A few days after this heartening event, Narvaez posted a picture of Landen, who was beaming with joy while wearing his new blue sneakers. This sweet story shows that sometimes it’s the unexpected acts of kindness that can make someone’s day special and memorable.

Reacting to Officer Perez’s compassionate act, Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams praised him and said officers like Perez “are the types of officers that we are all looking to hire.” His kind-heartedness towards Landen offered a refreshing perspective on police-community relations, and served as a reminder that there are many officers out there doing good work.

Indeed, we frequently hear negative stories involving law enforcement, but heartwarming stories like this often go unnoticed. This tale of Officer Perez’s kindness showcases the positive impacts police officers can have in their communities.







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