11 Famous People That Have Big Age Differences With Their Partners

Many couples have age differences from each other but that difference is something acceptable following today’s social and cultural standards. It is common to find old men to have a younger woman for a partner and sometimes young men choose partners much bigger than their age. Their preferences differ from each other and we can’t say what is right and wrong, because Love Is Love and happens, and choose anyone and anything as it pleases to the heart.

Hollywood celebrities are very known to have relationships with huge age gaps between the couples and are more open to not-so-common relationships!

We at Viral Strange are about to show our followers a list of famous people that have huge age differences.

1. Tom Kaulitz And Heidi Klum.

The couple got their first date in 2018 and during that time Klum was 45 years old, The couple has sixteen years of age differences.

2. Dennis Quaid And Laura Savoie.

This couple has a really big age gap because the famous actor is thirty-nineyears older than his partner.

3. Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor.

Sarah Paulson,41, dated 72-Year-Old Holland in 2015. And the couple has a thirty-one-year age difference.

4. The King And Queen Of Bhutan.

The duo has ten years of age differences and married in 2011 and gave birth to a son in 2016.

5. Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart.

Ford was aged 60, while Calista was 38 when they first meet, and the couple hastwenty-two years of age differences.

6. David Foster And Katherine McPhee.

The couple has a 34 years age difference

7. Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Sam Taylor Johnson.

She is 23 years older than her partner Aaron.

8. Hugh Jackman And Deborra Lee Furness.

They first met in 1995 and have 13 yearsage difference.

9. Felicity Huffman And William H. Macy.

The couple got married in 1997 and have a 12 years age difference

10. Emma Heming And Bruce Willis.

The couple got married in 2019 and have a 23 years age difference.

11. Camila Alves And Mathew McConaughey.



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