The woman arrived at the scene of the accident, screaming after her friends gave her the terrible news.

A Dramatic Proposal: Man Fakes Fatal Accident to Pop the Question
In a heart-stopping twist on the marriage proposal trope, a man from Nigeria took the phrase “till death do us part” quite literally. He staged a fatal accident, leading his girlfriend to believe he had tragically passed away, only to “rise from the dead” to ask for her hand in marriage.

A Scene Straight Out of a Movie
The entire elaborate scene was set with precision. With the help of his friends, the man played out a morbid tableau where he laid motionless on the ground, surrounded by what appeared to be pools of blood. The unsuspecting girlfriend was then called to the “fatal accident” scene, believing the unfortunate victim to be her beloved boyfriend.

Her reaction was heart-wrenching. Shock, grief, and disbelief took over as she mourned the seemingly lifeless body before her.

From Grief to Joy
But, in a turn of events that could rival any movie script, after letting the dramatic scene play out for a few moments, the man suddenly got to his feet. With a grin, he revealed the ruse and, with all eyes on them, he popped the question.

Understandably, the girlfriend took a few moments to process the rollercoaster of emotions she had just experienced. From the depths of despair to the heights of joy, it was a lot to take in. But as the initial shock wore off, her heart warmed to the dramatic gesture, and she said “yes”, sealing their unique engagement story.

While unconventional and undoubtedly stressful, the proposal showcased the lengths some will go to make an unforgettable moment. The story serves as a reminder that love can sometimes take unexpected, albeit theatrical, paths.






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