Simon Ateba on X reported this:”BREAKING: China has deployed six warships, including a guided-missile destroyer, towards Israel amid escalating tensions.” Upon further search, we found many reports stating the same thing, but these are mostly sources we’re not used to seeing. For example, I usually see the typical mainstream news sources reporting this, but this time it was mostly sites you’d see in the middle east. Maybe the American sources haven’t gotten the story ready yet, but it’s been a thing for several hours so what’s going on with that?

RoyaNews reported the following on the warships deployed by China:
Amid the ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza, China deployed six warships to the Middle East. This move comes in response to the rising tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories, according to several reports. China’s 44th naval escort task force from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theatre has been conducting routine operations in the region and recently spent several days in Oman. The Chinese naval task force, which includes the guided missile destroyer Zibo, the frigate Jingzhou, and the supply ship Qiandaohu, had visited Oman last week. Following their visit, these warships left Muscat for an unspecified location on Saturday after participating in a joint training exercise with the Omani navy. This deployment of Chinese warships in the Middle East occurs as Israeli Occupation prepares for a potential ground invasion of Gaza with the help of the United States.
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