Savannah Chrisley Speaks Out After Learning About Ex-Fiancé’s Tragic Passing

Savannah Chrisley has spoken out.
Just moments ago, Chrisley shared a gif of her and Kerdiles sharing a kiss on her Instagram Story. Alongside the gif, Chrisley wrote, “I’m still hoping you respond to my text.”

A day later she also shared a post, revealing in depth what Nic meant to her.

“Nicolas Henry Stephan Kerdiles… I wish you could see all the people that are showing up and loving you right now. I can see that grin of yours so clearly. You left such a mark on this world and it’s so empty without you,” Savannah wrote.

“It is impossible to believe that you are really gone. I am not sure how to even absorb that news, I don’t know how to react. I am so sad and so numb. I don’t want to believe it… I keep texting your phone and just hope you respond. I had just turned 20 when we met, you were only 23, we were just kids learning about life and love and trying to make it all work. So much of our relationship was played out on the public stage, that is one of the hardest parts of growing up in the public eye. People have this tendency to judge things by their best and worst moments.”

The reality star continued, “We look at things and define them by what happens at both ends of the spectrum. “We had some really great, bright moments, and we had some really hard ones, but the part of our relationship I will hold on to will always be the moments in the middle. It will be the day to day life we got to share for 5 incredible years.. It will be your absolute and total dependency on Starbucks and how no day could start without it. It will be your love for moms carrot cake, I feel certain no person has ever loved carrot cake like you.”

Savannah added that despite no longer being together at the time, it was Nic who went with her to watch her parents surrender to their respective prisons. “Many people don’t know, they don’t realize, that when it was time to take my father to Pensacola, one of the hardest days of my life, it was YOU who came along for the trip, it was YOU who was there for me and drove me through a very dark day. Thank YOU for that. Thank YOU so much.”

“I will always miss seeing your sweet smile and getting to see your heart on full display. Some things aren’t supposed to last forever, some things come into our life for a season, and our season was precious, it was special, and I am and will always be a better person because I knew you, because I loved you and was loved by you. Thank you for our season. I am thankful and I will treasure every moment, every memory, every photo and every good day we shared together. Oh gosh… what I wouldn’t do to hear an, “I LOVE YOU KID” right about now. Gosh! I miss you… this isn’t fair!”

TMZ was the first to report that Nic Kerdiles, a retired hockey player who was once engaged to Savannah Chrisley has passed away.
According to TMZ, Nic Kerdiles died earlier this week following a motorcycle accident. Police confirm that Kerdiles succumbed to his injuries during the early morning hours of September 23.

Kerdiles was reportedly driving the motorcycle he posted on his Instagram story just 17 hours ago. The athlete allegedly ran a stop sign in Nashville, hitting an oncoming BMW.

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It’s not believed Kerdiles or the driver of the BMW were impaired.

Kerdiles and Savannah dated from 2017 to 2018, when they got engaged. The couple was engaged for two years before they broke it off in 2020.

At the time, Savannah admitted that she and Kerdiles had gotten engaged for the wrong reasons. “When he proposed, I knew it shouldn’t have been happening. It was filmed, it was on TV. His family was there, my family was there. It was not the way I would want it to go down, ever.”

Despite their split, Savannah and Nic reunited in 2022 to help Nic share his battle with mental health. “This is OUR truth,” she wrote alongside the video. “Screw the tabloids that are threatening to release info. It’s been a long few days…but we are here. Mental health is real… this is our truth. I’m so proud of you Nic. Thanking God everyday that he’s allowed us to keep you.”

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