Matthew McConaughey shows his son’s horrific surf injuries, referring to them as “souvenirs.”

Matthew McConaughey’s son appears to have gotten in trouble while surfing, and he has the grades to show it.

The Dallas Buyers Club star took to Instagram to show off his teen son’s injuries on the waves, calling them his “souvenirs.”

Levi, 14, is pictured on social media beside his neon green surfboard. The boy is wearing several large white bandages on his sun-kissed skin, with his back on the camera. In addition, he has a slight pink plaster in the center of his back.

Several bruises are visible, but actor Matthew, 53, appears unconcerned about his son’s condition, simply labeling the photo: “Surf souvenirs.”

Followers hurried to the comments section to respond to Levi’s post, which resembled his father.

While some expressed anxiety over the image, others, like Matthew, just dismissed it.

One user joked: “We call em natures tattoo brotha,” stated one. “This is fantastic.”

“Some of my best memories of my youth are the stories that wind up with me getting bumps, scrapes, and bruises, lol. This is rad,” a third commented.

And a fourth shared their observations from the comments: “All the fathers, ‘That a boy,’ all the women, ‘poor baby!’”

Levi is the Oscar-winning actor’s eldest child. He also has two children with his wife, Vida, 13, and Livingston, 10.

Camila was also in a dangerous circumstance on Thursday when the plane she was on abruptly plunged 4,000 feet.

The model, 41, took to Instagram to describe the scary moment her plane suffered turbulence for 45 minutes, injuring several passengers.

“Flying last night, the plane dropped about 4000 feet, seven people went to the hospital, Stuff was flying everywhere,” she commented beside the video.

She described the time as “CHAOS,” saying “the turbulence kept coming.”

According to reports, the jet was hit by lightning, with one passenger’s husband tweeting: “Those who didn’t have the seat belts buckled got harmed largely because it came as a surprise without the seat belt sign on and lightening hit the plane heavily.”



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