Despite religion being unpopular in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg continues to be a devoted Catholic.

Mark Wahlberg does not hide his religious beliefs; he has been rather vocal about it lately.

The actor appeared on the Today Show on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Throughout the interview, he spoke with Savannah Guthrie about his choice not to impose his religion on others, especially his children.

“I don’t want to push others into accepting my beliefs. Therefore, I don’t. This is a more serious sin.”

“Even though it is unpopular in my work, I won’t compromise on my principles.”

Guthrie, 51, was wearing ashes in the form of a cross on his forehead when they spoke.

Catholics observe Ash Wednesday as a day of fasting and don ashes to commemorate the occasion.

Wahlberg stressed that while most people associate fasting during the Lenten season with giving up food, this is not necessarily the case.

“Fasting has many different components,” he said. “I think it’s important to understand that there are other factors to consider if you have eating difficulties. God is aware of the things you ought to stay away from. All of us are aware of the actions that don’t provide us with the positive feelings we deserve.”

The author states, “So it’s about being able to separate from those things and focus on good habits rather than bad habits.”

Wahlberg said that on Ash Wednesday, he would fast from meat and eat only one meal, a habit he’ll continue through Good Friday.

He also spoke about how Lent requires discipline, which has helped him.

“As I started getting into movies and jumping from music, I realized I needed a lot more discipline in my life, and that discipline has given me so many other things. I’ve been so abundantly rewarded for it, and I want to give it to others, whether by fasting, increasing one’s level of physical activity, putting aside other pursuits, or just spending more time with God in prayer or purposeful study.”

He still takes care to avoid forcing his opinions on other people. While he believes it is crucial to spread this faith, he also stressed to Guthrie that “it’s important to respect and honor them [and their beliefs] as well.”

Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors. I can’t think of many renowned people who are so open about their faith.

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