Ana Navarro faces legal threats after targeting former host

SHOCKER! One of The View hosts said something questionable and now she’s facing legal threats from a former host. It was Ana Navarro who started talking trash during a segment on The View and former host Meghan McCain is a little bit fed up with the nonsense. Fed up so much that she’s likely talking to a lawyer and even posted on X about it! UH OH!!!

Ana Navarro appeared to defend disgraced Hunter Biden while making some odd accusations about Meghan. This is all very weird because McCain hasn’t hosted that show in ages and yet, they still talk about her like they often do with Donald Trump. It’s weird, right? Trump has been out of office for years and people were still talking about him like he ruined their day. Must be that TDS. And now you’ve got people on The View talking about Meghan McCain like she’s sitting right there. Weirdos, I tell ya.

Navarro was comparing McCain to Hunter Biden by suggesting they both participated in some sort of influence peddling. Navarro said: “And being Hunter Biden’s very loving father, very good father, very supportive father. Look, did Hunter Biden influence peddle on his last name? Yes, he did. So did half of Washington. People sitting at this table did it.” OH SNAP, she said it out loud.

McCain responded on X, saying: “I don’t understand why my former colleagues bring me up and slander me on an almost weekly basis. It has been years. Move on, I have.” She also said: “I have never been accused of a crime in my life and am a patriotic American — I would never and have never ‘influence peddled’ in my life, let alone with foreign adversaries. Not all politicians’ children are the same — and I am no Hunter Biden.” McCain threatened legal action, saying “All accusations are absurd, defamatory and slanderous. I will be consulting my lawyers regarding what was libeled against me on The View this morning.”

OK to be fair, would Meghan McCain be famous today if her dad wasn’t John McCain? Like, come on bro. Don’t act like your daddy’s name didn’t get you places the same way Hunter’s daddy got him places. It’s totally normal for a son or daughter to become somewhat famous if their mother or father is famous too. That’s literally how this works.

There’s nothing wrong with it, so I don’t even know why they’re talking about it. Just about everyone who has famous parents benefits from it. But not everyone gets a hooker pregnant, pretty much abandons the kid, and is accused of crimes, and that’s where Meghan McCain is different than Hunter Biden 🙂 Now enjoy the video below:






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