Travis Kelce slams helmet during upset loss to Raiders

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes were livid during the Kansas City Chiefs embarrassing upset loss to the LA Raiders. The score was only 20-14, but it felt worse than that considering the temper tantrums flaring up on the Chiefs sideline. Mahomes was screeching and Kelce was slamming his helmet like he was spiking a football on a touchdown celebration, but there wasn’t anything to celebrate during the Chiefs recent skidmark losses.

The Super Bowl champs just don’t have the same swagger or ways about them like they did last year on the road to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. Even worse, the Raiders have a rookie head coach in Antonio Pierce, who just beat the admirable Andy Reid – a coach most likely to be called legendary and Hall of Famer one day.

This game saw Patrick Mahomes toss a pick six and Andy Reid discipline ‘Pfizer Bro’ Kelce after the helmet slam. I guess having Taylor Swift up in the suite didn’t make a difference for Kelce. The Chiefs looked awful in this game. The Chiefs are 9-6 on top of the AFC west. The Raiders are 7-8, just two games behind the Chiefs for the division title.

Can the Raiders make the playoffs? The chances are very slim, but they’ll have to win out and get some help from other teams to make the NFL playoffs. Now go ahead and enjoy this video of Travis Kelce slamming his helmet during the frustrating loss to the Raiders:






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