‘Sound Of Freedom’ Beats Taylor Swifts ‘Eras Tour’ Earns Top Ten Spot At Box Office

“Sound of Freedom” is a film that found significant success this year as Jim Caviezel starred in the anti-child trafficking movie that captured the hearts of tons of Americans who flocked to theaters all across the nation to see the movie. As the 2023 Box Office wrapped up and fans were celebrating the success of the film, many were also amazed by its ability to beat some rather impressive movies this year.

“Sound of Freedom” defeated the highly acclaimed Taylor Swift “Eras Tour” in income at the box office this past year by bringing in a dominating $184,177,725. Taylor’s film fell just short of the rallying cry that “Sound of Freedom” put together earlier this year, posting a still massive $179,635,196 but falling just outside the top ten to eleventh place.

Producer Eduardo Verastegui spoke to Fox News about the film’s success and the miracle that took place to get the film funded to begin with. He quickly turned his thanks to God for answering his many prayers after Disney nixed the film’s deal that was once in place with Fox before the company was acquired by the Hollywood giant.

Verastegui said, “I put my life in this movie because this movie is bigger than ourselves… I was praying to God for an angel to come and rescue this film, and what are the odds that from all the studios, the one that picked this movie is called Angel Studios?”

The last that many fans heard from the group that put together the film was a thank-you message from the star Jim Caviezel after the film reached the amazing milestone of 150 million dollars at the box office. He took to Twitter to make his appreciation to his fans clear and easy for all to see.

Caviezel wrote, “Thank you for supporting Sound of Freedom! Thanks also for all the prayers for me – I’m feeling much better and am energized by all the awareness that we’ve brought to the issue of child trafficking. God’s children are not for sale!”

He also thanked fans in a video posted to X, saying, “Hey, everybody. How you doing? I’d like to thank, first of all the Harmon brothers, Jordan, Neil, Jeff, for being extra brilliant. For believing in us and having to overcome the fact that saving children should never be a controversial, should be a quick assignment that any of us would ever do. But I’ve always said ‘do you want to be liked by many, the world, Hollywood?

“Or do you want to be loved by one, which is God?’ Because love don’t come from man comes from above. So I’m sitting here thinking about all you amazing Americans that are fighting a battle and helping us in this war. It’s the greatest evil that has ever been. Because you know that God’s children are enough. So I want to thank you all for helping us reach 2 million tickets. And thanks for not letting the media silence us, your voices, your voices were heard. I love you.“






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