4 ‘Brothers’ Wrote a Song That Left America in Tears – When They Sang it on TV, My Heart Broke

The Statler Brothers Show was one of the most famous shows on The Nashville Network (a country-music-oriented cable network that eventually was folded into Paramount in 2018). It aired every Saturday night and it featured the incredibly talented Statler Brothers.

This group, which were not actually brothers, started by backing up Johnny Cash from 1964 to 1972. But after years of hard work, the four men (Harold Reid, Don Reid, Phil Balsley, and Lew DeWitt) managed to rise to prominence on their own with songs like “The Class Of ’57” and “Flowers on the Wall.”

They released over 40 albums and received a plethora of awards, including three Grammys, three Academy of Country Music awards and an astounding nine Vocal Group of the Year awards from the Country Music Association (in only 12 years!). They are also members of both the Country Music and Gospel Halls of Fame.

One of their most unforgettable moments comes from an episode where the four guys sing a devastating but beautiful song called “More Than A Name On A Wall.” This song is still capable of bringing millions to tears. It makes us think about war and love and memory. Our fallen soldiers are indeed more than just a name! Watch the beautiful video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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12 responses to “4 ‘Brothers’ Wrote a Song That Left America in Tears – When They Sang it on TV, My Heart Broke”

  1. justine miller Avatar
    justine miller

    I am hearing impaired and I was disappointed that close caption was not available. I would have loved to know what the words were

  2. Edward Bailey Avatar

    We can never thank them enough!

  3. E Chris Schuneman Avatar
    E Chris Schuneman

    I love this song and have recorded my own version of it…no where near the quality of theirs.

  4. ruth aldridge Avatar

    My all time favorite gospel group…….I miss them…..I guess Jimmy is still persuing his career. Good for him.

  5. George Van Teslaar Avatar

    Just a beautiful melancholy song about good memories 👍😥🇺🇸

  6. Bill Tavenner Avatar
    Bill Tavenner

    Saw the Statlers at Watermelon Park and numberless times at Stanton for their summer shows. The greatest group that ever played country and gospel. Wish them the best

  7. Joseph Lambert Avatar
    Joseph Lambert

    My youngest daughter says that this will always be “my song”. My three kids came down from Chicago and surprised me with tickets to their concert in Indy. When they sang this my oldest daughter grabbed my hand. squeezed, and wouldn’t let go. Love this song!

  8. Roy E Barley Avatar
    Roy E Barley

    I was invited to speak at the moving wall in a smalltown at a small NY State town on the PA border. I figured that I’d come up with something to say as this was the first time I was invited to speak. That evening on my way to give the speech I had a country station on the radio and that song came on. Perfect. I told the crowd that I had heard that song and I wanted them to know a bit more than just a name on the wall of the team members I had lost in Vietnam. I went on to describe each one and their home towns; traits and interesting facts about them. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and many came up to me to get the location of the names. I was the sole survivor of that team. I never wrote down what I had said but used that speech a number of times at the traveling wall. That song also gave me the answer as to why I had survived.

  9. Candy Duggins Avatar
    Candy Duggins

    Love all the songs they sing.
    Wish there were more to hear.

  10. Sherry Allyn Little Avatar

    This group is such a clean group of men. Have enjoyed their great music for a long time!!

  11. DUANE NIELSEN Avatar

    I have been to the wall and seen first hand the love and sorrow that it brings out in those that were left behind. I lost friends in Viet Nam and one is still listed MIA.

  12. Donald w Person Avatar
    Donald w Person

    a song that carries a very strong message. presented beautiful by the statlers.

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