Kelly Clarkson asked police to perform on stage, and no one expected them to hit the stage

Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life Tour began at the end of January, and attendance at her shows has gradually climbed since then.

Fans expected nothing more following her poignant version of “Piece by Piece” and her interpretation of Miranda Lambert’s song “Tin Man,” but they were wrong.

Kelly asked some unexpected guests to perform a duet with her during the Kansas City show. Two troopers from the Kansas Highway Patrol arrived on stage fully dressed. They immediately began running the show. When the two military guys approached the stage and sang the well-known song “Stand By Me,” the audience erupted.

Kelly was standing in the background, singing harmonies to their song. Because he was such a natural on stage, one of the officers looked to be headed for a singing career.

Everyone in the audience was dancing and singing along by the middle of the song. Kelly drank her wine and offered encouragement to the two men.

A police officer was asked to tell his wife about his love story. It felt very much like a concert. His wife first saw him as he was singing “Earth, Wind, and Fire” at a karaoke bar. Kelly said that he had a natural talent for singing, so it was reasonable that his wife had just noticed him.

Kelly went on to compliment the cop on his stage presence. The goal of allowing the cops to sing was to bring people together since music brings people together who would otherwise feel separated.
Kelly stated that, while this is false, police personnel are commonly seen as being alone in the community. The officers’ performance thrilled the audience. Although we all need cops, the audience agreed that these two might easily transition to singing as a second job.

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