8 Old Cooking Tools Disappearing From Modern Kitchens

They just don’t make ’em like these anymore!

In decades past, when everything was done by hand, we had the tools to do it right. Along the way, we’ve left behind many of these tools in favor of newer ones or pre-made foods that require very little work. But, back in the day, our mothers and grandmothers would have relied on these gadgets to make the tasty meals that we remember so well.

Donut Cutters

How many people make donuts at home these days? But, there’s nothing better than fresh homemade donuts. A donut cutter is crucial for making them perfectly uniform. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it.


Butter Shavers

Back when dinner parties and decorum were important parts of social life, shaped pats and curly cues of butter were considered elegant. A little something special done to the butter, whether it was cut or shaved or molded into shapes and that effort made the meal all that much nicer.



For making truly wonderful mashed potatoes and many other dishes, a ricer is the final step in making it come out perfect. A useful tool for so many things, this is one simple tool that has been replaced by the food processor, but the results aren’t quite the same.






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