Inside James Dean’s tormented and secret love life

James Dean is a name many people still hold close to their hearts. Even though the actor died at the beginning of his career, his gorgeous looks and brooding charm etched him into millions of hearts…

Even today, it seems that people are unable to forget him and his existence has been stamped into pop culture forever.

James Dean had a short but thrilling career. He only made three movies and during his short-lived career in Hollywood, he was a part of many rumors because of his many love affairs.

He dropped out of UCLA and began his acting career at 22 years old. And five years later he was the most popular leading man in the industry. He started getting offers for roles that were originally meant for the likes of Paul Newman and Marlon BRANDO.

His first role was in , “East of Eden” which propelled him to instant stardom. His captivating on-screen presence made audiences all over the country and beyond swoon. His brooding charm and all-American good looks etched him into the hearts of millions.

But his life had always had tragedy attached to it. When he was just a 9-year-old boy, he lost his mother Mildred Marie Wilson to cancer. His father suddenly a single dad, could not deal with raising a child on his own and sent James to some relatives to a farm in Indiana.






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