WATCH: LeBron James Shows “Zero Respect” For National Anthem During Game Intro

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 10th, Bronny James, the son of NBA star LeBron James, played his first game for the University of South Carolina Trojans. LeBron James showed up with his daughter and, rather than set a good example for his present children, decided to act disrespectfully toward the National Anthem.

In fact, Lakers star player LeBron James showed his disrespectful attitude toward the National Anthem by walking into the arena and sitting as the Anthem played, rather than standing respectfully, hand over his heart and facing toward the flag. LeBron did not even remove his hat, a simple sign of respect for the flag and Anthem.

That led to outrage online, with many conservatives and patriots upset that LeBron, despite being so successful thanks to the blessings America provides, would show such little respect for the country and her anthem.

Conservative X personality Collin Rugg, tweeting about the incident, said, “LeBron James casually walks into the basketball arena while the National Anthem is playing and takes a seat. Zero respect for the country that gave him the opportunity to be a basketball star. Zero respect for the country that allowed him to become a billionaire. Zero respect for the men and women who defend our country so he can live his life. Shameful.”

Numerous commenters jumped in on Rugg’s post to rip James over the incident. One, for example, said, “LeBron is entitled. He refuses to show support for the country that made him a billionaire. James loves to get involved in politics and speak out but refuses to say anything bad about China.”

Similarly, another said that the athlete’s attitude toward America and the blessings it grants was shocking, saying, “LeBron James won’t remain still or stand for the National Anthem and he’ll question anyone who wants to return to America. What a way to honor this nation, the liberties it represents, and the lives sacrificed to protect them. Amazing.”

Similarly, another commented on the bad lesson LeBron was teaching his daughter by acting so disrespectfully toward the flag, saying, “LeBron James is also teaching his daughter that it’s ok to disrespect the National Anthem. Fatherhood Fail”

Watch the video here:

WATCH: LeBron James Shows “Zero Respect” For National Anthem During Game Intro
James said in October of 2022 that he no longer supports the Dallas Cowboys because the pro-National Anthem policy that team instituted in 2018, saying, “Nah man, I had to sit out on the Cowboys, man. It’s just a lot of things that was going on during the, you know, when guys were kneeling. Guys were having freedom of speech and wanted to do it in a very peaceful manner. A lot of people in their front office and a lot of people that ran the organization was like, ‘If you do that around here, you will never play for this franchise again.’ I just didn’t think that was appropriate.”






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