Taylor Swift had Kanye West ‘kicked out’ of Super Bowl for buying seats in front of her, claims ex-NFL star

There’s been much and more to unpack since the weekend’s  half-time show was well received, the match itself was about as nail-biting as they come, and all manner of opinions have been shared regarding the various commercials and trailers that were aired throughout the event.

Then, of course, there’s Taylor Swift That the music icon would find herself a major part of the media’s coverage was predictable; after all, her budding romance with Travis Kelce has been making headlines for months.

Yet amidst the stories about the pair’s post-match displays of affection (of which there were many) there’s doing the rounds courtesy of ex-NFL star Brandon Marshall… and it involves none other than estranged hitmaker Kanye West.

Marshall, a former wide receiver who played in the league for 13 season, was at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, sharing a suit with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

On Monday morning, Marshall then made a rather wild claim on his Paper Route podcast, suggesting that Taylor Swift had effectively had Kanye West removed from the Super Bowl after the rapper purchased seats in front of her suite.

Marshall initially confused Swift for Katy Perry, stating: “So Kanye West pulls up to the Super Bowl. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Katy Perry’s booth so anytime they are gonna be showing Katy Perry, Kanye’s face was going to be there — he had a mask on with his logo on the mask.”

The former NFL star then corrected himself, saying: “So Taylor Swift gets pissed off [and] she makes a call or two — everybody is involved — [and] he gets kicked out the stadium.”

Marshall’s allegations, if true, would be huge, though many are questioning the legitimacy of his comments after West and wife Bianca Censori were snapped in the stands during the CBS broadcast of the match.

“So then you got to go back to the beef, you know, of him cutting her off when she’s winning a Grammy and said Beyoncé should have won it,” Marshall continued, referencing the moment Kanye stormed the stage at the 2009 VMAs and ruined Swift’s acceptance speech.

“So that’s what he tried to do. He tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift yesterday.”

Kanye West’s rep labeled Marshall’s claims as rubbish, saying: “This is a completely fabricated rumor. It is not true.”

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