Charley Pride’s Son Honors Dad with “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’”

Well-known for his hit “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’,” Charley Pride was one of the most influential black country musicians of his time. He recorded and released the said hit in 1971 which became one of the greatest and most famous country songs of all time. In addition, the song soared atop the music charts. Since then, it has remained to be one of Pride’s signature songs.

Aside from being a country music icon, Pride is also known as a father of three. Interestingly, one of his sons, Dion Pride, followed in his father’s musical career. Actually, he has already worked with his father over the years. He basically played the lead guitar and keyboard in his band.

Dion Pride and Charley Pride
Furthermore, Dion really shows some interest in his father’s career. He opened some of his father’s show and even co-wrote a song in one of his father’s albums.

While he was touring with his dad, Dion started performing some of his original materials. Just like his father, he has earned respect from fans and the crowd definitely loved his music. After seeing the enthusiastic response from the audience, Dion decided to push on and try performing on his own.

Since then, he has toured all over the world and has performed for troops on multiple USO tours.

Dion and Morgan’s Special Tribute to Charley Pride

In one of his shows in his home state of Texas, Dion appeared on stage with fellow country crooner Lorrie Morgan to pay a special tribute to his father. Both artists performed his father’s hit, “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’” and the crowd burst with applause.

At the song’s commencement, Dion and Lorrie exchanged turns and traded lines one after the other. This definitely gave a spotlight to each one’s own individual talent which was very evident on the show. We already know that Dion has already his own vocal prowess but we can’t deny the fact that he, too, can channel his own father’s voice.

As they went on to the chorus, both Dion and Lorrie harmonized the equally golden voices resulting to a sweetly done duet. In response, the crowd was hooked to the performance and gave the duo a much-deserved applause.

Truly, music runs in the family as Dion has received one of the best gifts his father has received years before him. As for Charley Pride, it is simply a joy to watch his children blossom into incredible performers just like him.

Watch Dion and Lorrie Morgan honor Charley Pride with “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’:”






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