Alabama Church Sign Sparks Outrage, Critics Say It’s ‘Offensive’

Controversy over Church Sign in Alabama

Introduction: One Christian church in Alabama stirred controversy over a phrase displayed on its sign, igniting debate within the community.

The Sign’s Content and Initial Reactions

Carters Grove Baptist Church’s Message: The sign featured a phrase related to Pride Month, accompanied by a biblical verse, sparking varied reactions.

Social Media Uproar: A Reddit post drew attention to the sign’s potential offensiveness, particularly to LGBTQ+ individuals hesitant to come out.

Diverse Community Responses

Critics’ Perspective: Some criticized the sign’s message, expressing concern about its impact on the LGBTQ+ community and their acceptance within religious spaces.

Carters Grove Baptist Church

Supporters’ Viewpoint: Others defended the sign, viewing it as a sign of community unity and support for differing viewpoints.

Pastor’s Defense and Intent

Pastor’s Stance: Pastor Jim Weaver defended the sign’s message, citing biblical principles and expressing concern for individuals’ well-being.

Purpose Behind the Sign: Weaver explained the intention behind the sign, aiming to discourage what the church deemed as “unhealthy lifestyles.”

Misunderstanding and Clarification

Wares Ferry Road Baptist Church Incident: Another church sign in Montgomery caused offense during Pride Month, leading to a clarification from the church’s pastor.

Misinterpreted Message: The pastor clarified that the sign referred to personal pride, not targeting the LGBTQ+ community, despite initial assumptions.


Reflection on Intent: Both incidents underscored the complexities of communication and interpretation, highlighting the need for dialogue and understanding in diverse communities.






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