Boy, 3, Missing After Mom Sent Him to Her Boyfriend for ‘Disciplinary Reasons’ — Police Ask for Help

After a three-year-old boy went missing in late February, new developments show that his mother and guardian have been charged in the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Recently it became known about the events.

A three-year-old boy named Elijah View was reported missing at the end of February this year. Now his mother has been charged with neglect and obstruction. Jesse Wang, the caregiver who was granted custody of the boy for “disciplinary reasons,” has also been charged with neglect. Both defendants appeared in court on Monday afternoon, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 7.


Boy, 3, Missing After Mom Sent Him to Her Boyfriend for 'Disciplinary Reasons' — Police Ask for Help
Vue was last seen at Wang’s residence in Two Rivers, where Wang admitted that he fell asleep and discovered Vue’s absence when he woke up on February 20. The child’s mother, who lives in Wisconsin Dells, initially claimed to have been absent from Manitowoc for a critical period of time, but her cellphone records indicate otherwise, leading to her being charged with obstruction. 

The criminal complaint refers to the disciplinary methods used by Wang. He described “time-outs” lasting from 1 to 3 hours, during which Vue was forced to pray or apologize to his mother. Wang acknowledged that this is a kind of “boot camp” designed to correct unspecified behavioral disorders, noting the lack of potty training and minimal diaper changes.






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