Dermatologist Reveals What Could Be The Mystery Marks On Trump’s Hand

An unexplained red marks appeared on one of Donald Trump’s hands at a recent public appearances.

The internet speculated that a hard fall or “hand herpes” would be the culprit.

According to a dermatologist, there are numerous possible causes for the hand marks, which are most likely rashes.

Donald Trump, the former president, showed off unexplained red markings on one hand on Wednesday when he left his New York home to attend E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial.

People on X (now Twitter) were quick to speculate about the cause of the marks, just as they had done with Trump’s health in the past. Some speculated that he might have recently fallen or had “hand herpes”.

In the wild Ohio GOP Senate primary, Trump might suffer a rare defeat at the hands of a candidate he refers to as the “next Mitt Romney.”

“Rashes on the hands can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from infections to inflammatory conditions to external exposures,” stated Zeichner.

Zeichner offered four explanations for Trump’s hand rashes, most of which are certainly less intriguing than the theories floating around the internet.

Possibility 1: His hands are too dry

Zeichner stated that overwashing and dryness were the most frequent causes of hand rashes. Considering that Trump describes himself as a “germophobe,” the hypothesis of over-washing hands may hold merit. Dry skin is another side effect of cold weather, and it is especially prevalent in the winter.

Potential 2: Golf-related blisters

Blisters are another option; according to Zeichner, they may result from “friction from activities like golf, weightlifting, or baseball.” This is also a conceivable situation because Trump is known to play golf frequently.

Hypothesis 3: There was lime juice on his hands

“Even exposure to lime juice in the presence of sunlight can cause a chemical burn to the skin,” or “margarita burn,” according to Zeichner. Trump doesn’t drink, but a zesty mocktail can leave welts on your skin.

Option 4: None of the above

As Zeichner noted, practically anything might result in hand rashes, even something as innocuous as insect stings. We might never truly know what caused the marks unless the former president acknowledges it.

Past Presidents’ Physicals: What We Know So Far

According to a report given by the former president, Donald Trump, his mental health was “exceptional.” This was a hardly concealed jab at Joe Biden on the vice president’s 81st birthday.

Signed by Trump’s personal physician, the note is brief and largely positive. It claims that Trump performed “exceptionally” on cognitive tests and that his general health is “excellent.”

Additionally, it claims that Trump “lost weight through a better diet and continued daily physical activity.” His “laboratory analysis” is reported to have performed better than earlier tests because of this. However, no particular measurements are specified.

In August, Trump declared to the Fulton County Jail that he weighed 215 pounds and stood 6 feet 3 inches tall. Though Jackson is shorter at 6’2″, some on social media claimed his measurements were the same as Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s.

At a presidential physical in 2019, Trump weighed 243 pounds. His doctor at the time informed him that although he was technically overweight, he was generally “very healthy.”

For a considerable amount of time, people have been curious about the 77-year-old’s health. When Trump claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton lacked the “stamina” to carry out her duties, he was using the problem as a talking point for his campaign.

The fire has only been fueled by a string of medical errors and apparent public relations stunts.

Trump would be “the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency,” according to his doctor’s assessment in 2015. Later on, the physician acknowledged that the note was written by the patient.






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