Melania Trump Steals The Show At Mar-A-Lago, With ‘Pretty Woman’ In The Background

As “Pretty Woman” played above, former first lady Melania Trump walked into the Mar-a-Lago to meet guests, bringing the crowd to their feet in honor of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Several audience members posted candid photos of the event online, and Orbán also included a video of his Friday visit to meet with Melania and former President Donald Trump, which featured the scenario. Even though Trump departed the White House three years ago, the two conservative leaders have remained close all these years.

Melania trailed behind President Trump to the front of the chamber, where she stood in front of the velvet rope line. Orbán took the bouquet from one of the aides and gave it to Melania, pausing momentarily to take a snap picture.

During the Heritage Foundation gathering, President Trump discussed his connection with Viktor Orbán and praised his strong-arm tactics for maintaining the country’s parliament’s discipline and winning over people.

“There’s nobody that’s better, smarter, or a better leader than Viktor Orbán,” Trump said, taking the stage, adding, “He’s fantastic… and does a great job. He’s a non-controversial figure because he said this is the way it’s going to be and that’s the end of it.”

“All over the world he’s respected. It’s an honor to have you with us, Viktor.”

Summing up his trip, Orbán wrote on X, “Supporting families, fighting illegal migration and standing up for the sovereignty of our nations. This is the common ground for cooperation between the conservative forces of Europe and the U.S.”

“President Trump was a president of peace. He commanded respect in the world, and thus he created the conditions for peace.”

Melania has persisted in her covert involvement in President Trump’s 2024 campaign, speaking at a naturalization ceremony on her own quest for citizenship and advising her husband on potential vice presidential candidates.

She has also been a stabilizing influence in Trump’s life, requiring him to avoid excessive cable news watching and to have breakfast with her and their young son Baron every morning.

With the loss of her mother Amalija Knavs in the first week of January, the family is closer than before. One day following her passing, President Trump shared a post in which he praised Knavs for being Baron’s loving mother and bright daughter.

“She was an incredible woman, and will be missed far beyond words!” he wrote at the time.






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