‘Idol’ Contestant Mocks Luke Bryan During Hollywood Week Performance

American Idol hopeful Madai ChaKell has a contentious exchange with Luke Bryan after struggling her way through the last round of Hollywood Week

Aspiring singer Madai ChaKell took the Idol stage during Hollywood Week to perform a rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Tattooed Heart.” ChaKell struggled to get in tune with the pianist accompanying her and asked to start again before ultimately opting to sing a capella.

After ChaKell’s performance, judge Luke Bryan asked how she was feeling. The 22-year-old vocalist admitted that her voice was not where she “would like it” to be. She later added that the pianist “flipped the script” and that was the reason her performance was “not flowing” as it had been in rehearsals. Bryan responded:

“Obviously, I don’t know what went on in rehearsals, but a lot of stuff going on up there. It was a little shaky in some spots. But thanks for performing for us. Thank you.”

In an interview after leaving the stage, Chakell recounts the exchange:

“Then they tried to also play the card, ‘Is your voice okay?’ What do you think?! I was shaky because look at what y’all just did!” 

She continues in a condescending manner:

“Is your voice OK, Luke? I haven’t heard you sing! Obviously, I can sing.”

Watch Madai ChaKell’s initial performance and exchange with Luke Bryan in the video below. 


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Madai ChaKell gets a second chance to sing

After the judges and producers were made aware of the challenges with the pianist, they opted to give ChaKell another chance to sing the Ariana Grande ballad. Luke Bryan welcomed her back to the stage, noting that they wanted her to be in the “most comfortable situation possible.”

The contestant asks, “Can I have a chair, perhaps? Because I’m getting a little shaky,” seemingly clapping back at Bryan’s previous comment about her “shaky” vocals.

ChaKell sits and delivers a noticeably better performance. This time, however, she draws out the last word “heart” in an over-emphasized Southern accent, mimicking the twang of Georgia-born Luke Bryan.

The country music superstar is visibly not pleased when he asks the singer the reason for the drawl. She responds, this time in a British accent:

“You know, you said something before, like, I don’t really know who I am quite yet, so I wanted to show you that I can be everyone and everything. Isn’t that what an American Idol is?”

ChaKell was referencing her initial audition when Luke Bryan expressed that she needed more time to figure out who she was as an artist.

Luke Bryan shares his thoughts

As ChaKell is leaving the stage, Luke Bryan comments:

“Maybe we’ll do American Humble at some point. Probably not winning the audience for that one.”

Ultimately, Madai ChaKell did not advance to the Top 24 and was sent home by the end of the episode.

Watch Madai ChaKell’s second performance and tension with Luke Bryan in the video below.






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