Drill Instructor Gives EPIC Speech – United States Marine Corps Recruit Training


Staff Sargent May introduces himself as the Senior Drill Instructor, assisted by Drill Instructor Staff Sargent F and Drill Instructor Staff Sargent K.

Mission and Expectations

The mission is to train recruits to become United States Marines.
A Marine is characterized by possessing the highest military virtues, including discipline and spirit.
Code of Conduct

Recruits are expected to:
Treat all Marines with the highest level of respect.
Give 100% of themselves at all times.
Obey all orders quickly, willingly, and without question.
Treat all Marines and recruits with courtesy and respect.
Not physically abuse or verbally threaten any Marine or recruit.
Be completely honest in everything they do.
Respect the rights and property of all others.
Work hard to strengthen their bodies.
Be proud of themselves and the uniform they wear.
Never quit or give up.

Drill Instructors’ Commitment

Drill instructors will:
Train recruits with firmness, fairness, dignity, and compassion.
Not physically abuse or verbally threaten recruits.
Be available to address any concerns or incidents of mistreatment.
Recruit Training

The challenge of Recruit Training is an opportunity to earn the title of United States Marine.






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