China McClain Claims There Is Pro-Satan Messaging In Hollywood

China McClain is a Hollywood star that starred in her first role when just 7 years old, then continued appearing in numerous films and TV shows before becoming famous for her role as a Disney star in the show A.N.T. Farm and then the Disney Channel movies “Descendants 2” and “Descendants 3”.

But all was not nice and wonderful in Hollyweird, apparently, as McClain sounded off on what she characterized as “Satanism” in Hollywood in the video shared below. The video is not a new one, but periodically makes the rounds on conservative Twitter, likely because of the many aspects of the Epstein scandal and similar matters.

In any case, Ms. McClain took quite a strong stance in it, saying (emphasis added): “Because in this dark world we’re in, I’ve noticed a pattern and what is being represented. People think that this stuff is just the game. There is a reason why you see people dressed up as Satan.”

Further explaining what she meant, McClain added, “Not just you know, like Satan slipping himself in a little bit. No, full on visuals of Satan, people dressed as Satan, you know, dressed as a demon got upside down crosses all on their clothes or pentagrams on their clothes.”

Continuing, she said, “And people are just like, Oh, that’s funny. It’s you know, we’re making fun. No, there’s there’s a reason why the entertainment industry is doing that y’all. They know good and doggone well that God exists. They also know that Satan exists.”

Continuing, she said, “They’re just counting on the fact that y’all don’t know that. But either way, the things that you take in that they’re feeding you, those things affect you, whether you realize it in the moment or not. They affect you. That’s what they do it entertainment industry. It’s about influence. I’m not gonna sacrifice the honesty in order to be politically correct.”

Watch her here:

It’s not just Hollywood that has adopted the Satanist imagery. The entertainment and fashion industries aslo have connections to it, as shown by both the “Baal” imagery in the Balenciaga photo scandal and the Lil Nas X Satan sneakers.

Similarly, the Satanic Temple itself has been promoting its “religious freedom” right to install Satanist displays in state buildings, much to the chagrin of Christians. With a recent display in the Iowa State Capitol, for instance, Lucien Greaves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple, said, “We’re going to really relish the opportunity to be represented in a public forum. We don’t have a church on every street corner.”

Continuing, Greaves added that he thinks those who don’t like Satanism should stay away from government buildings where it is displayed, saying, “My feeling is if people don’t like our display in public forums, they don’t have to engage with them. They don’t have to view them.”

One horrified Iowa resident, Shelley Flockhart, said, “It’s a very dark, evil force, and I truly hope people know how to battle that.” Continuing, Flockhart said, “I hope that people realize spiritual warfare is real. That there are evil satanic forces that are trying to infiltrate our state.”






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